Epperson & Company Tampa Headquarters
Tampa Headquarters

Epperson And Company is an industrial distributor specializing in Material Handling Products and Services. Established in 1932 with present ownership since 1956 Epperson now has full service operations in Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami.


Epperson and Company will be a highly visible company known as the best supplier of Conveyor Related Products and Services in the state of Florida. Epperson will develop new conveyor system Maintenance Standards to be marketed throughout Florida and southeast Georgia becoming the leader in Bulk Material Handling Systems, Sales and Service. Epperson and Company will be a profitable, employee owned and operated company driven by the needs and desires of our customers and employee owners.


Epperson and Company’s Mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality products and services that save time and improve the way people do business. We believe our first responsibility is to the customer that uses our products and services.

Our strong financial position will enable us to expand, reward our employees and achieve our vision.

In carrying out our day-to-day business we strive to:

  • Treat our employees fairly, with dignity and respect, recognizing that our employees are our most valuable assets.
  • Follow the philosophy that our customers are always number one.
  • To be considered as a standard of business excellence in our community.

Through a long term commitment to this mission, we will be known as a company that gets the job done. Our customers, vendors and employees see Epperson as a top quality company, providing expert knowledge with the ability to market products successfully and offering a secure place to work, excellent benefits, and a work environment where each employee can reach their full potential.


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